How to sell eBooks 

As everything starts to yield digitally, where almost all the stuff now has a digital equivalent, it shows that taking the business online is profitable and viable. The huge possibility that awaits when we take things online can’t be denied. So, as far as a physical object such as a book can be made to have a digital copy – so it can be posted and sold online – then getting money from it is highly possible. But even if it’s online and will no longer require a physical product, there needs to be more work to deal with. 

Whether talking online or offline, it still needs to change the fact that quality is the number one determiner of a great product. It’s also the most effective predictor of whether the audience will welcome it. The same reckoning holds for digital books or, in the internet’s vocabulary, eBooks. 

So in planning to sell an eBook, prospective buyers will only have a copy of the tangible object to size that up and see for themselves if the product will be worth their bucks. Despite making the eBook digital, some considerations are still considered. Make sure that the potential of an eBook as a product is maximized. 

How to sell eBook

But what exactly makes a quality eBook? How can one determine if it’s worth buying? 

The eBook is a book brought online. That means it has to be well-designed, fully formatted, and, most importantly, well-written. Cover, proper acknowledgment, citations, and well-defined sections must also be followed. These are the foundations of a great eBook and can’t be negotiated.

In addition to the above, different formats should be available for such eBooks. Why? Other devices and or apps have the liberty to follow diverse forms. While most follow the same, some in-house apps of specific manufacturers have something unique to their brand that other brands don’t support. Hence, the eBook must have multiple file formats and be able to fit the requirement that a specific app is asking for. 

The eBook owner has to carefully pay attention to file format differences and attentively convert these files. So products can get to the hands of more people

Once the eBook has been published, the next is to request or get reviews so prospective buyers can consider whether it will be worth their money. Reviews help build trust and convince buyers to buy and patronize online transactions for digital products. So, it’s only imperative that credible reviews are present and visible. 

Reviews play a vital part to the extent that they become the most effective marketing tool for a writer. 

How much does the cost of an eBook fair when compared with its physical equivalent? 

Not far. Although hard copies are reasonably expensive, the difference is pretty close. Often, hard copies are only more expensive by a few dollars. So eBooks should still cost that much, and selling them can reap huge profits, at least as far as their potential is concerned. 

Everything that has been put together ebook looks like a book made digitally, and the price has been set. The following equation to solve is how one can market it online. 

This is where the rest of the article will help. We’ve prepared ten eCommerce platforms to help business-minded writers connect with their target audience and increase them.

How to sell eBook

1. Craigslist 

One of the best eCommerce available to anybody is Craigslist simple because it’s the standard listing platform for most people. If anyone is asked the best platform to use when posting an ad without paying a single dime, the answer to that question would be Craigslist. The company is relatively senior when we factor in its peers here, and it’s among the companies that started an industry like this, so one doesn’t have to wonder why. 

Although more than two decades now, it continues to perform strongly without any sign of slowing down. At this point, Craigslist services worldwide and provide opportunities for highly enthusiastic and eager sellers to sell online. And that includes eBooks. 

To do that, one needs to create a post by clicking on the “create a posting” hyperlink, which can be seen on the homepage. The first that will pop out on the page is the category. The right type to be selected will be “For sale by owner.” Then in the subcategory section, it will be “books & magazines – by owner.” In the succeeding sections, one needs to provide product details about eBooks, and sellers can add a cover image to post their ebooks. While the account isn’t necessary, users can also create an account to post ads and closely monitor them.

2. Geebo 

Geebo is a great platform. So great that it can be considered a far better option than Craigslist because it’s simply fantastic, joyful, and lovely. It has the right accents that provide a much better experience and will surely delight interested sellers. One will not have any word to say about it. It’s stunningly organized and designed without being overdone. Its user interface is one of its most significant advantages because it elicits a highly professional look without looking boring and unprepared. Despite its positively-looking design and charisma, it’s sad to say that Geebo is only available in the United States. Although the location where it’s set can be changed, it would only be for the city or estate, and it would still be within the United States. 

Click on the “Post” button, which can be noticed at no difficulty on the homepage to start posting. Select “Merchandise.” Then, complete the form that comes after it by providing the title, description, and type of the ad – which here, in our case, should be “Other” – the postal code of the seller’s location, email address, and contact name. These are mandatory fields that shouldn’t be overlooked.

How to sell eBook

3. FreeAdsTime 

Although most of the listing platforms on the list present themselves as free advertising platforms, FreeAdsTime is saying it much louder. Being able to advertise here isn’t just an extra opportunity but will also give huge savings. Sellers won’t have to overthink the fees that other advertising platforms charge their customers. There may be some downsides that may come with it, but they are all minor.. It still respects the users’ experience, so it is undoubtedly capable of providing service to prospective eBook sellers or writers. 

Anyone can see the “Post an Ad” option on its homepage, which will lead to the product listing process when clicked. Select “Items” and “Books” for category and subcategory. The standard process applies where location, product details, ad title, and seller’s information will have to be provided. 

If planning to sell multiple eBooks or products, an account is highly recommended to be created. Hence, sellers can constantly monitor how their ad is performing and how their audience is behaving, and this will provide helpful insights on how sellers can strategize their advertising. 

4. H1Ad 

While H1Ad will appear to be just another guy in the block, it can help boost the presence of any particular item or product. While it may not have the cleanliest user interface, it’s simple enough to find everything easily. After simply going to the website, one can readily see the “Publish Your Ad for Free” button, and that button starts the listing process. 

Like with most listing platforms here, the category section is the first that needs to be satisfied. It’s fortunate that on H1Ad, it’s already specified. The title and description are the next, both of which will have to be creative to pique the audience’s interest. The price of the item, name, email address, and phone number of the sellers will have to be provided too. In the latter sections, social media or links – such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok – that will help the product will also be asked. All of them will be optional. Nonetheless, it’s recommended to take advantage of them as they will undoubtedly help in the audience’s engagement and build trust as well. While it’s not mandatory, serious sellers can create their accounts so they can have a collective view of their ads. 

5. GiganticList 

Giganticlist can be anyone’s great ally for improving their product’s presence online. It’s fairly easy to use, although ads show up occasionally that may detract some prospective sellers. It’s straightforward to start, and navigating the platform is inherently easy. 

The “Publish Your Ad” button can be effortlessly seen on the homepage. When that is clicked, sellers will have to first specify the category by selecting “Buy and Sell,” then on the subcategory option, they will have to select “Books.” The process is akin to most listing platforms on the list. But what makes this platform different is its choices of color are a perfect complement of each other, the texts are bigger, and it’s easy to read and notice the important details.

Since almost the same process applies, potential sellers or eBook writers must provide a captivating title for the ad and a concise description of the product that’s about to be listed here. Other information that must be supplied will include: the seller’s information, so be prepared for that as well.

How to sell eBook

6. ClassifiedsFactor 

ClassifiedsFactor may have the same vibe as GiganticList. Nonetheless, it has a classier touch than the latter. Cladded in gray and maroon colors, some will find themselves more comfortable here and treat it with bigger respect than Giganticlist. Despite that there are ads around, they are placed more appropriately. While they may not sit well with some sellers, they are not distracting to the extent that they are annoying. Sellers can still enjoy the ambiance that ClassifiedsFactor provides. 

As far as the listing process is concerned, there’s nothing unique about it. But as long as publicity and popularization of a particular item or product are affected, the platform can truly deliver. Getting started is effortless. 

Sellers just have to be prepared with practical details and charming titles to provide to the audience. Hence, the audience sees the necessary stuff about the eBook that’s being advertised. Of course, the correct category will have to be selected to be able to come up with a compelling listing. The category to be selected is “For Sale,” and the subcategory will be “Books.” Like with some who have made it to the list, having an account isn’t obligatory but will be tremendously helpful. 

7. Carousell

Carousell is one of the biggest names in eCommerce in Asia, particularly in smaller countries. More than just a listing platform where sellers are limited to just advertising, Carousell is a full-fledged online marketplace. Sellers can count on it to be able to post an ad and process the sale. The platform covers from the start to the end. But, an account needs to be created so one can get started. A valid or legitimately working email address will have to be provided. Some may find this inconvenient, so Carousell has another workaround. A Gmail account or Facebook login credentials can be used to sign in, eliminating the need to create an account. 

Once logged into the platform, sellers can post their eBook and put in a brief description of what their product is about. The said product can fall under the Hobbies & Games category, where under it is Books. Because it’s a full-blown service, the company will take a small fraction of the seller’s earnings for every successful sale. Generally, the listing is free of charge, however. The advantage of platforms such as this one is that it lets the sellers or eBook writers build a reputation online and their sales channel. 

How to sell eBook

8. WallClassifieds 

Its homepage has a more relaxed vibe with its blue and gray tones. It looks far more professional than the two. It also seems as if it’s highly capable of bringing the audience to the product. Getting around the platform and getting comfortable with it is a breeze. When someone has gotten to the website, he or she can quickly notice the “Publish Your Ad” button. Selecting the right category must be “Items” on the dropdown. The right one to choose for the subcategory is “Magazines and Books.” Succeeding steps are similar as they will require things already said on the other platforms, such as location, price, and sellers’ details. So, it must be stressed enough how important to have such pieces of information on hand all the time. 

It’s an important reminder, however, when putting in a description, that it is unique in each platform. So, the description that must be provided here should be different from the one that’s provided on other platforms. 

9. Locanto

Locanto is a high-profile listing platform. Any seller would feel motivated to jump on it immediately because it looks professional and effortlessly engaging. A big part of that reason is it’s well-designed and thought-out. There are no ads that just keep popping out of nowhere. Not only is it well-maintained, but its scope is also enormous. Listing service is available in more than just the US, its originating country, and it’s also available worldwide. So, when posting, selecting the right location is important to ensure that the right audience is targeted. 

Listing the ad is fun and convenient. After clicking “Post free ad” from the homepage, what will follow is an efficient process of posting an ad. Sellers will still have to supply the right and necessary information, but it comes in a one-step-at-a-time method. After filling out the details for a particular section, another input field will appear. This is done seamlessly and professionally. Unfortunately, it’s not a marketplace. Hence, the best it can do is just to get the eBook popular and possibly reach a more interested audience. 

10. FinderMaster

FinderMaster is a lite, sleek-looking online listing service that should delight sellers who want no-nonsense when posting an ad online. 

For writers planning to sell their eBook, the first part would be to click on “Publish Your Ad,” which is readily available on the website’s homepage. In the category and subcategory sections, “Items” and “Other Items” must be selected, respectively, since these are the closest. More information about the eBook needs to be supplied in the succeeding pages to complete the listing. In addition to that, the sellers will have to provide their contact information as well.

How to sell eBook

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