How to Sell Wood Pallet for Money

What are wood pallets? 

Most of those who have reached this article might already be familiar with wood pallets. Nonetheless, some are still confused about these and are only interested in ways to make money and sell them online. So, we’re going to expound a little more on wood pallets for the sake of those who are interested to know more about it or have a better level of clarity. 

Wood pallets are the collection of wood slabs attached to create a plane typically size 48″ X 40″. However, the size can vary depending on what these pallets support or how they are structured. One pallet represents a collection of woods. They commonly come in the shape of squares, which is the least vulnerable to getting tipped, which may cause the loads to fall over. These are intended to support weighty loads that need to be stacked. They are readily seen on warehouses, factories, and shipping sites where several goods are placed on them to be transported far more quickly and efficiently. While there are pallets that are made of different materials and not woods, woods are the ideal choice because they can be easily made, restructured, and – to an extent – discarded.

How to Sell Wood Pallet for Money

Why sell them? 

Wood pallets are imperative in almost every transaction where a significant number of goods need to be loaded, moved, and unloaded. It’s almost an essential accessory of the supply chain, and it makes everything so much more convenient. Wooden pallets are the most common type because it’s readily available and economically viable, and they don’t cost expensive and take a long time to make. 

Unfortunately, some are disposable; after they had been used once, they have been discarded right away despite remaining fully functional and durable. It’s not always that this is the case. One primary motivation that they are disposed of right away is the business no longer runs or stops for a while. But there is still an opportunity to make money from that. 

In such a case, wooden pallets can use in different sizes. Also, it can be resold instead of just being put away and be left to be ruined by time. Business-minded individuals can capitalize on this instead. They can make a living out of selling such contraptions to someone who may need them. People who run warehouses or big shipping businesses need wooden pallets as they need them for their work. And it’s better to re-use and repurpose them than to keep creating new ones due to environmental concerns.  

How much can you sell these for? 

The safest answer is the cost of a pallet varies depending on the size and age. But it all comes down to the negotiation between the buyer and the seller. Typically, they would be sold in blocks. Nonetheless, pallets are expected to cost about $4 per pallet for a very good one. It can be a profitable business since when pallets are sold, they are often sold in bulk. 

If you have a stash of wood pallets and want to make money out of them, here are the 12 options on where you can take them to promote and reach out to prospective buyers.

How to Sell Wood Pallet for Money

1. Ologames

Ologames may give the impression that it exclusively caters to game-related advertising. While, to some degree, it is true, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be maximized, so sellers of wood pallets can’t use it. Ologames Ads as a listing platform is a viable candidate for a listing service for almost anything, including wood pallets.

While some may find the ads that show up almost everywhere, the platform is fairly straightforward to use. Most can be readily seen and observed. 

Getting started is a breeze. One has to click on the “Publish Your Ad” button. Out of the four categories, “Items” need to be selected. When that is selected, the “Sub-category” section will appear, so potential wood pallet sellers must select “Other Items” before they click the “Continue” button. The next page is when the title of the ad and supporting details about the wood pallets are mentioned. Such as their conditions and size need to be provided in the header and the description sections. The succeeding sections are where sellers must provide pieces of information that are related to them. 

2. ClassifiedAds

Our next stop is ClassifiedAds, which is a pretty wonderful eCommerce platform that curious sellers can advertise and list their products on, whatever the product is about. It’s opportunely, efficient, and arranged orderly. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to fees, and the service is free of charge. 

To get the wood panels listed on ClassifiedAds, the first thing that must be done after arriving at the home page is to click on the “Post your ad, free!” button to be redirected to the category and sub-category page. Sellers must select “Items for Sale” and “Miscellaneous Items” in the Category and Sub-category sections on the next page. 

Unfortunately, the platform is only available in the US, so it will require the seller to enter their city or ZIP code in the right direction. Then few pieces of information will be asked, such as the ad’s title and the asking price for it. The description box is where secondary details need to be placed to help the buyers estimate if the product is what they are looking for.

How to Sell Wood Pallet for Money

3. DigitalMarketingHints

Now, let’s talk about Digital Marketing Hints. While there is nothing extraordinary on this platform, it will help improve online presence and may increase the chances of the wood pallets being noticed by prying parties or target audiences. It’s a kind of platform with nothing special, but nothing can go wrong in using it. It’s safe to use and can surely support the sellers in attracting more buyers, so why not benefit from it?

On its homepage, one can immediately see the button “Publish Your Ad,” which starts everything. The advertiser will have to pick “Items” as the category on the next page. In the sub-category field, there are two options: Indoor and Outdoor, and either one will work. 

Upon proceeding to the next page, the title and the description for the ad will be asked, where sellers will have to exert creative effort in making both engaging since this is the part that will let the buyers decide if they’re looking at the item that’s right for them. In the succeeding steps, sellers must provide their information, including a phone number, location, and email address. 

4. AdvertiseEra

AdvertiseEra is a nice-looking eCommerce platform that deserves attention. Its user interface has a strikingly yellow accent that makes the entire platform easy to navigate. 

The “Publish Your Ad” is both an icon and a link. Once clicked, sellers will be redirected to the page where the listing process begins. It starts by selecting the right or the most accurate category for wood pallets, so the closest two are “Furniture” or “Garage Sale.” Both are found under the “For Sale” section. 

Because the category alone is already specific, no sub-category section will have to be filled out. When the category is selected, sellers must click the “Continue” button so they can proceed with the title and the description. The third step will be the location of the sellers, which will be followed by the price of the item, the name, the email address, and the phone number of the seller. While the name isn’t required, the email address is. The last part will be more about the seller, so interested buyers can contact the sellers if they have questions.

5. Locanto

Locanto is available almost anywhere in the world, in North America, Asia, and Europe. Hence sellers can significantly benefit from its wide expanse and advertise wood pallets to a vast crowd. In a seamless and time-effective process, the ads can be posted. For anyone intending to use the platform, it’s mandatory to select the correct location where one’s audience is located. The “Post free ad” option can be readily observed on the homepage. After clicking on that, the advertisers will be asked about the ad’s title. The next that will pop up would be the category option, in which sellers should select “For Sale.” Next to that would be “Home & Garden,” which at first might not seem far from the wood pallets, but it’s already the closest. In the subsection of the category, the “DIY, Tools & Improvement” is the one that must be selected. When all those have been satisfied, interested advertisers will have to log in by creating an account with a working email address or by using their Google log in.

How to Sell Wood Pallet for Money

6. FinderMaster

FinderMaster is another key to success for getting wood pallets to go into the public knowledge, or at least to those who are interested. While it’s not as beautiful as Locanto or some of the eCommerce platforms here on the list, it can help popularize wood pallets in a very easy process. 

To publish a listing, click on the “Publish Your Ad,” which can readily be found at the website’s homepage. The right category to select when being asked would b “Items,” and for the sub-category can be either “Garage Sale” or “Other Items.” It will also be indispensable to provide detail about the wood pallets and a short but effective description that interested buyers can rely on. The last sections will primarily deal with the details of the sellers, especially their contact. Hence, when someone inquires about the wood pallets being advertised, sellers can be contacted right away. 

FinderMaster may not be the best-looking platform, but it’s simple and worth spending time with.

7. Carousell

Carousell is one of the best performing eCommerce platforms in some countries in Asia, especially those small nations, such as those in Southeast Asia. Carousell is even better than some of the other platforms here is. It just doesn’t stop at being an advertising platform. It’s also a marketplace, and it goes from being an avenue to promote products to a point where the sale gets closed as it provides payments. The service, however, isn’t free. It takes a small percentage for every successful sale from the sellers’ earnings. It’s best suited if the sellers target audiences in some Asian regions, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. 

Since Carousell provides a holistic approach, one will have to create an account on the platform. But, it’s not the only option. They can use their Facebook or Google accounts to use Carousell’s services or features. Once they’ve become users of the eCommerce platform, they can list and create their own sales channel. 

8. Shopolop

Like Carousell, Shopolop is a marketplace. But unlike the former, it’s not comparably flexible. While most items can be sold on the platform, the process doesn’t come that easy and fast. Although Shopolop gives eager sellers an added opportunity to increase the sales potential of their product, which in our case here are wood pallets, they can’t simply create their account and log in. Unlike the other platforms already mentioned here, Shopolop’s listing process is a little more stringent. 

Sellers must first express their desire to participate and list their wood pallets on the platform. To do this, they must email the website’s admin by providing a simple background about their wood pallets, email addresses, and other contact details. There could be a few days of a turnaround before sellers can hear feedback if their product has been approved or not. 

Nonetheless, the platform is neat, and one will readily find it easy to work with. It’s clean, and it’s easily navigatable.

How to Sell Wood Pallet for Money

9. GiganticList

GiganticList is a good online booster for wood pallet advertisements, given that it’s an online platform that any driven sellers can take advantage of cost-efficiently. It’s highly intuitive. One won’t take that long to figure out how to navigate on the platform, and everything can be noticed with relative ease. Anyone can know right away which one to go if they would like to look for an ad or a particular service and which one to click if they want to sell instead. 

The “Publish Your Ad” button is easy to spot for interested advertisers. Although clicking it may cause an ad to show up that may disappoint some, it’s not interrupting at all. The process is pretty straightforward. One just has to select the right category for wood pallets. The best option would be “Buy and Sell” for this platform. The sub-category will be the “Garage Sale” or “Furniture.” After that, the usual scenario will apply wherein sellers need to provide the ad’s title, some details about the product, and their contact details. 

10. ClassifiedsFactor

Our next of the moment is ClassifiedsFactor which has a huge resemblance with some of the other eCommerce platforms that made it to this list. But then again, the same reckoning holds. It will help a lot to boost the chances of the ad getting a wider and more audience interested in the product. But, its advantage is its design and the color that it uses, and it’s more appealing and attractive. 

In less than a minute, everyone can instruct themselves how to use the platform. Simple, type in the website to land on the home page, where it can readily be seen the “Publish Your Ad for Free” icon. This icon also serves as a button, which means it will help someone do the listing process when clicked. The process will essentially start by selecting the right category and sub-category for the product. The right ones to choose are “For Sale” for the category and the following: “Miscellaneous” and “Garage Sale” for the sub-category. The rest that will follow will be product details and seller’s information.

How to Sell Wood Pallet for Money

11. Geebo

Our last stop is Geebo, which is undoubted of the best listing platforms on this list. Why? Simply because it’s maintained with great care. It also has a pleasant vibe that makes it highly comfortable to use, and its clean design makes it look highly efficient and convenient. 

Everything can be readily spotted. The “Post” button is right on the homepage, made to be very visible. Once clicked, a set of categories will be displayed to be clicked on. For our case of concern here, the right one would be “Construction/Farm” or “Merchandise” because would pallet will be highly conducive in such industries. After clicking on either, the title will have to be named, and the description needs to be provided for the product to help interested buyers assess if it is what they are looking for. Some details of the sellers must have to be filled out too, so when a buyer has a question, there would be a way to reach out. However, it’s a little disappointing that Geebo is only available in the United States.

Recycle Wood Pallets:

Wood pallets are made from wood, and in most cases, they are recyclable. Several recycling centers accept wood pallets, and in some cases, they may pay for your wood pallets. Recycling can be considered a fast solution.

Sell Wood Pallets to Local Businesses:

Local businesses can be considered other available options to sell your wood pallets, such as carpentries, construction businesses, etc.

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